Understanding Lookup ID and System Record ID in Blackbaud

In Raiser's Edge, users might see different types of IDs that help manage and identify records. This article explains the difference between "Lookup ID" and "System Record ID," and shows how to find these IDs in both Webview and Database view.

Lookup ID

What is it?

  • The Lookup ID is an ID that users can create and edit themselves.
  • It’s labelled as the "Constituent ID" or just "ID" in both Webview and Database view.

Important Note:

  • Blackbaud displays the Lookup ID prominently, which can sometimes be confusing.
  • Since it can be edited by users, it’s not a reliable way to identify records.

System Record ID

What is it?

  • The System Record ID is a unique ID that cannot be edited by users.
  • It’s fixed and reliable for identifying records.

How to Find the System Record ID:

In Webview:

  1. Go to the constituent page.
  2. Look at the URL; the System Record ID is included there.
  3. Or, click "View constituent properties" to see a full list of details, including the System Record ID.

In Database view:

  1. Open the constituent record.
  2. Click File > Properties in the top left corner to find the System Record ID.

How this Applies to Other Records Too

This information is not just for constituents. It also applies to other records in Blackbaud, such as:

  • Participants
  • Funds
  • Campaigns
  • Events

Each of these records will have both a Lookup ID and a System Record ID, found in the same ways described above.


To reliably identify records in Blackbaud, always use the System Record ID instead of the Lookup ID. The System Record ID is fixed and unchangeable, ensuring consistency and preventing confusion.


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