What information is required to verify my account?

What information is required to verify my account?

Once certain payment volumes are exceeded, our payments partner, Stripe, will ask for more information to verify an account.

To avoid disruptions in your payments and payouts, we recommend filling in as much information as possible.

Information such as the representative's date of birth, address, and ID is usually required if you expect high volumes for your event or fundraiser.

In regards to ID, this can be in the form of a SIN number, or photos of government issued ID.

To see what's required on your account at this time, you'll want to go to Banking from the dashboard.

Here is a link of what ID is necessary for for each country as per Stripe's security settings. https://stripe.com/docs/acceptable-verification-documents

Once you're fully verified, the only time you'll have to provide anymore information is if you switch representatives on the account.

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