What is Trellis?

Increasing the collective impact within our communities

Trellis is Canada's only charity campaign management software, that enables you to seamlessly create beautiful campaigns, events, and forms.

Why use trellis?

  • Run and manage multiple fundraising campaigns.

  • Easily build visually stunning, modern and responsive pages.

  • Ticketing & Registration
  • Host a silent and/or live auction which can run in tandem with your event.

  • Electronic raffle systems - 50/50's and raffle support

  • Items for Sale

  • Built-in donations and automated tax receipting

What makes Trellis Trellis?

Trellis provides a modular campaign builder, allowing you to make beautiful pages for your fundraisers. Create a fundraiser, have an option of the type of campaign you'd like, and choose whether it's solely for fundraising, or for an awesome event where attendees must register, or both!

Stunning pages

Components act as modular pieces to building your campaign page. Select from many different components and pre-made templates to make your page look great. With additional customizability such as fonts and hyperlinks, you can make your page yours.

Revenue Drivers

Use one or more of the revenue drivers below to help meet your fundraising goal.


Donation options can be created to showcase your goals and the tangible impacts donors can make on the world.


You have the flexibility to create and edit tickets, set receiptable amounts, and choose when sales open or close. In addition, promo codes and custom fields can also be created, allowing for even further customization of your event!


With Trellis, you can run a silent and/or live auction. Participants can easily view, bid, and pay for their items. With Trellis Auctions, you can list and manage all your items, and use features such as "Buy It Now".


Use Trellis as a payment processor or as your electronic raffle provider to help manage your raffle. Get detailed reports to help you reconcile and draw. Depending on your license, we can also support with ticket generation and/or distribution.

Easy fundraiser maintenance and cleanup


Keep track of your fundraiser results with comprehensive numbers provided automatically by trellis. Through the platform, you can check each donation, ticket, auction, and raffle ticket sale. Easily export your results -- making bookkeeping painless. 

Tax Receipts

With customizable Thank You emails and automated tax receipts, tax receipting is no longer a tedious chore. Plus, we offer unique features like split receipting, giving you more time to focus on what really matters


Setup banking and start selling in less than 10 minutes. Automated weekly payouts, and easy to use reconciliation reports.

What's next?

New features & fresh designs are continually underway on the trellis platform. 

Our team is thrilled about the new changes we are bringing forth to consistently improve and build upon the pleasing experience fundraisers and donors are having. Together we are creating tangible collective impact in our communities while helping charities flourish. For real.


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Did this answer your question? If not, please feel free to contact us using that teal chat bubble on the lower right corner of your Trellis account dashboard.