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What Photo Formats does Trellis Support?*

What photo formats does trellis support? PNG and JPEG all the way, baby!

Having a high-quality event image helps attract attendees and get more eyes on your event.

PNG and JPEG photos work the best. 😃

trellis uses the event image to share and promote your event, and it's displayed on all screen sizes and device types. Make sure to preview your event listing on both desktop and mobile, as the majority of attendees will browse events on their smartphone or tablet.

Use the following image guidelines to have the highest quality event image: 

Photo Dimensions

For most images such as the header and background, 16:9 ratio images are recommended.

An example of this is 1280 x 720px (16:9 ratio) - but the bigger, the better!

Logos are 1:1 ratio (eg. 600 x 600px).

With trellis, you always have access to the built-in photo cropper and image uploader, so images and editing tools are right at your fingertips! 📷

File Type

Pictures with file types JPEG and PNG work best. 

If you don't have that file type, no worries! Use a file converter tool like this one to create a JPEG or PNG version.

File Size

Use a photo that's no larger than 10MB.

Best Practices

Avoid images that have a lot of text, logos, and fliers. This additional information in the photo can distract attendees when viewing your event listing, the trellis Event Explore page, and other promotional tools.

Make sure to check the dimensions, file type, and file size before adding your event image to the trellis dashboard.

To see the dimensions, file type, or file size for your image, find the image file on your computer, then right-click on the file. You can choose "Get Info" (for Mac) or "Properties" (for PC).

If you encounter speed bumps uploading images, click the blue button to the right, or reach out to our support team at support@trellis.org

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