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How to Use the Designing Tools from Trellis

In this article, we will show you how to use the designing tools of our platform.

There are various essential tools available on our platform to help you design your Trellis page and unleash your creativity in order to attract new donors. It is crucial that you include details that are important to both you and your donors to enhance engagement.

1. Adding Sections

Adding sections is your main tool to display how your donors can participate in your fundraiser! Click on the blue plus button in the middle of your fundraiser builder to access the different sections you can add.

Here are the top useful sections you may want to add to your homepage:

  • Preview of your fundraiser driver
    • Depending on the type of fundraiser driver you choose, it is important to inform your donors about how they can participate directly on your homepage. You can add various sections such as Donation Preview, Auction Preview, Items Preview, Raffle Preview, Rules of Play, Raffle Footer, and Live Auction Preview to showcase these options.

  • Sponsor Section:

    • The Sponsor Section is dedicated to showcasing and acknowledging the sponsors associated with an event, project, or initiative. It provides a platform to highlight the contributions and support from various sponsors, fostering a sense of partnership and recognition.
  • Impact Section:

    • The Impact Section is designed to communicate the tangible outcomes and effects of a project or initiative. It offers a comprehensive overview of the positive changes, achievements, or results resulting from the efforts of the organization or individuals involved, serving as a testament to the project's success.
  • Feature Section:

    • The Feature Section is a versatile space that allows the spotlight to be on key aspects, highlights, or elements of a product, service, or project. It is an effective way to draw attention to specific features, functionalities, or unique attributes that differentiate the offering from others.
  • Fundraiser Activity:

    • The Fundraiser Activity Section is a dynamic area focused on promoting and tracking fundraising efforts. It provides a real-time display of ongoing fundraising activities, donor contributions, and progress toward set goals. This section is crucial for engaging supporters and encouraging continued participation.
  • Custom Section:

    • The Custom Section offers flexibility and adaptability for unique content or information that doesn't fit into predefined categories. It serves as a creative canvas where organizers or content creators can tailor the content to their specific needs, ensuring a personalized and tailored presentation. This section enables the incorporation of diverse elements such as images, text, and videos making it a versatile and adaptable component within a platform or project.

Pro Tips:

1. Here's the article for Recommended Photo Sizes to Use on Trellis

2. Here's the article on what details you can add to your page - 3 Questions Your Donors Need Answered

3. Our platform currently supports only Youtube videos. Please note that other video formats, such as Youtube Shorts, Instagram videos, and videos from other platforms, are not currently supported.

2. Customizing the Sections

  • Event/Header Section
    • Change the layout
    • Change the background image
    • Duplicate
    • Move it up or down
    • Add a colour gradient
    • Remove the color gradient

Pro Tips:
1. The background image is intentionally blurred to ensure that the information on your event card is easy to read.

2. If you prefer a solid background colour, you can create an image with the desired colour and upload it as the background.

3. We do not recommend duplicating your event/header section.

  • All Other Sections
    • Delete
    • Duplicate
    • Move it up or down
    • Change the background colour

3. Text Formatting

Text formatting is essential for a successful fundraiser page, enhancing readability and emphasizing key information. Whether through headings, bullet points, or strategic calls-to-action using hyperlinks, formatting creates a visually appealing and trustworthy presentation. It not only engages users effectively but also improves accessibility, and overall user experience, making it more likely to attract and retain support for your cause.

To format your text, simply select the desired text and the text format tool will become visible. This tool allows you to easily customize the appearance of your text, making it more engaging and visually appealing to your readers.

Pro Tips:
1. If the text formatting tool does not appear then it means that the text cannot be formatted.

2. If you are copying texts from another source use the Tx to remove the format after pasting the text in your section.

3. Use the chain icon to make the text a hyperlink and navigate your donors to another site.

4. Changing your Fundraiser Colours

To access and change your fundraiser colours open your Sidebar Settings and select Page Design under Fundraiser Settings.

  • Primary Colour - This changes all the text heading colours and your buttons.
  • Secondary Colour - This is the secondary colour that shows in your thermometer.

5. Editing your Header Design

Under Header Design, you can hide or display, and change the text of your header tabs. To access your header design, open our Sidebar Settings and select Header Design under Fundraiser Settings.

  • Edit the text of your Call-to-action Buttons.
  • Edit the texts of your Links in Header.

Here's how the above would look on your live page.


Congratulations! You are now fully prepared to launch your fundraiser page and begin promoting it. To learn how to change your page status to live, simply click this link. This will guide you through the process and ensure your fundraiser page is up and running smoothly.

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Enjoy and happy Fundraising!

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