How our RE Integration Works with the Events Module

In this article, we'll explain how you can use the Raiser's Edge Events Module and Trellis to streamline your event management and save time.


How does the Events Module in Raiser’s Edge work?

The Events module is the system in Raiser’s Edge that allows organizations to manage events, participants, and fees. 

  1. Events: the equivalent of a Trellis fundraiser
  2. Participant: the equivalent of a Trellis attendee.
  3. Fees: the price a participant pays, such as the cost of an event ticket, wine pull ticket, or parking pass

For participants' contact information to appear, they must be connected to either a constituent or non-constituent record. Contact details (like name, email, and phone number) are stored in the constituent records. If a participant isn't linked to a constituent, they will be listed as a "Guest of [Purchaser Name]."


How Does Our Integration Work with the Events Module?

When someone buys tickets on Trellis, they have the option to assign those tickets either during purchase or later from their account or during check-in. If a purchaser doesn't assign the tickets, Trellis will assign all tickets to the purchaser by default.

When these transactions sync into Raiser’s Edge, Trellis creates participants for each purchased ticket.

Host and Guests

  • The purchaser as Ticket Holder: If the purchaser is also a ticket holder, they become the "host" of the party.

  • Purchaser Not a Ticket Holder: If the purchaser isn't a ticket holder, Trellis will assign the first ticket holder as the host.

Assigned Tickets

  • Finding Existing Records: Trellis will search for an existing constituent or non-constituent in your Raiser’s Edge account to link to the participant.

    • If both a constituent and a non-constituent match are found, Trellis will choose the constituent.
    • If no existing constituent record is found, Trellis will create a new non-constituent record for the participant.

Unassigned Tickets

  • Creating Guest Participants: Trellis will create a guest participant. Raiser’s Edge will automatically name these participants as “Guest of [Host Name]”.

  • Updating Assigned Tickets: When the ticket is later assigned in Trellis, the guest participant will be automatically updated using the same steps as for an initially assigned ticket.


How to Connect Trellis Purchasables to Fees in the Events Module

Steps to Get Started

  1. Access Integration Settings:

    • Navigate to your fundraiser's integration settings:

      • Go to Fundraiser Builder

      • Then on the left-hand side through Settings click Integrations

      • In the Integrations section, select Events Module 

  2. Configure Event Module Settings:
    • Ensure you have an event connected in the Events Module settings
  3. Connect Trellis Purchasables:
    • Choose which Trellis purchasables you want to connect
    • Note: Currently, you can only connect Event Tickets and Items for Sale to Fees
For more details about how to connect your Events in the Events Module, click here.

What Happens When Someone Purchases a Connected Purchasable:

  • Automatic Fee Creation: A Fee will be automatically created for the Event.
  • Participant Record Update: The Participant's record will display the Fee Name and Fee Amount.
  • Payment Linking: A Payment will be linked to the Fee using the gift on the Constituent Record.*

*If you choose not to sync a purchasable type as a gift, no payment will be linked. However, the fee will still appear on the participant's record.

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