How to Set Your Events Module Settings for a Specific Fundraiser

In this article, we’ll walk you through configuring the Events Module Settings for seamless integration with Raiser’s Edge. These settings need to be tailored for each fundraiser you host.

For more details about how the RE Events Module Integration works with Trellis, click here


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  1. Go to the Main Dashboard
  2. Choose your fundraiser, and click Edit
  3. Open the Settings on the left-hand side, and find Integrations
  4. Click Events Module

  1. To connect an event, if you have an existing Raiser’s Edge Event already set, use the drop-down option to search for your event.

  2. If you do not have a Raiser’s Edge Event created, click Create Raiser’s Edge Event and set the right date and time

    You’ll be able to edit this event in Raiser’s Edge at any time. 


Event Module Fees

The Event Module Fee settings provide valuable options for organizations in the following scenarios.

  • Tracking Event Tickets - Select which Event Tickets are generated as fees in Raiser’s Edge NXT to monitor attendance accurately.
  • Managing Items for Sale - Choose which Items for Sale are created as fees in Raiser’s Edge NXT to ensure Sponsorships remain distinct.
  • Clear Fee Identification - When individuals purchase Event Tickets or Items for Sale, ensure that the name of the ticket or item appears in the "fees" column for clarity.

  1. For all your Event Tickets, choose which appear as Participant fees
  2. For any Items for Sale, choose which appear as Other fees
  3. Click Save once all settings have been configured


*If you choose not to sync a purchasable type as a gift, no payment will be linked. However, the fee will still appear on the participant's record.

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