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How to Set Up Your Thank You Message

Thanking your donors is an important part of the fundraising process! Ensure your donors feel your gratitude by setting up your Thank You Messages.

There are two ways you can thank your donors: on the webpage after a purchase, or via automatic emails that are sent out after purchases. If you don’t set up thank you messages your donors will receive blank messages, so be sure to set these up!

1. Login to your Trellis account.
2. On your Dashboard, select the fundraiser you would like to update, and click Edit.

3. Hover on to your Sidebar Settings and select Thank You Message.

4. In the first box, you have the opportunity to customize the thank you message that will be displayed in the web browser after your donors have made a purchase.

Below is an example of where this message will appear. 

5. In the second box, you have the option to include a thank you message for all purchases except for donations. This includes purchases such as event and raffle tickets, as well as auction items.

Below is an example of where this message will appear. 

6. In the third and last box, you have the option to enter the thank you message specifically for purchases made as donations.

Below is an example of where this message will appear. 

6. Lastly, ensure that you provide an email address where your donors can easily reach you if they have any questions or need further assistance. This can be done by entering the email address in the "Email Contact" section.

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