In Person, Hybrid, and Online Ticket Sales

Will an "online only" raffle really work for your event?

If you're wondering how to promote and sell raffle tickets in person at your event, keep in mind the advantages of an online raffle include not having to track down tickets, cash, or march up and down talking to every person at the event.


Communication is the key to selling online tickets at an in-person event.

  • Include a link to your raffle in your event ticket sales communications.

  • Add the raffle link to your posters, brochures, and event tickets.

  • Add a QR code to posters, menus, and programs.

  • Embed the raffle page into any online presentations so people can see the live total.

  • Make sure your MC knows about the raffle and can communicate it to your audience throughout the night.

  • Use Affiliate Links and have volunteers promote the raffle. Instead of selling tickets they're just educating the crowd.


Remember to ensure anyone purchasing a ticket is eligible under your license if you're helping people purchase - some people don't have a credit card or email address. The name on the ticket is the owner, and all payments have to be deposited into your raffle account. It's safest to let purchasers buy their own tickets with their own email and credit card.