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Learn about the Fundraiser Builder

In this article, we will show you around your fundraiser builder where you can use your creative powers and customize the design of your fundraiser page!

By default, the uppermost section of the fundraiser page is dedicated to the event information card. This section provides all the necessary details about the event.

1. Status Bar

A. Access to your page status - where you can see and change your URL and change your page status.

B. A button to publish your changes

Pro Tip: Remember to click on "Publish Changes" whenever you make any modifications to the design or settings of your page. This way, your changes will be immediately reflected on your live page.

C. Status if your page changes are saved

D. A quick preview share button

E. A quick button to see a preview of your page

F. A quick button to view your live page

G. Access to Trellis notifications for new changes to the platform

H. A quick button to change your builder view from desktop to mobile

3. Sidebar settings - allows you to access your fundraiser page settings.

4. Event Information card - a quick view of your event information.

5. Event Information card settings - access to change the display of your information card.

6. Sections - Sections serve as the primary containers for your homepage. To add new sections, simply click on the blue plus button. You have the flexibility to customize your sections by duplicating them, rearranging their order, and even changing their background color.

7. Fundraiser page contact footer - This section provides a way for your donors to contact you via email. Please note that this section is standard and cannot be moved, and the background color cannot be changed.

Pro Tip: You can easily format the text on your page by highlighting any text, such as your page title or any text within a section. This will bring up a text format menu where you can change the font size, color, and more.

Customizing and designing your page not only enhances its appearance but also increases its appeal to potential donors. By adding important details about your fundraiser and showcasing your past campaign photos, you can effectively communicate the purpose of your event. Additionally, utilizing the sponsor section to feature your sponsors can help build credibility and attract more support. So, have fun personalizing your page and watch as it stands out and attracts new donors along the way!


To learn about the Sidebar Settings, click next above

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