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Learn about the Sidebar Settings

In this article, we will get you familiarized with the sidebar settings!

The sidebar settings contain the Fundraising Drivers, Fundraiser Settings, and Admin.

Fundraising Drivers

1. Event Tickets - This is where you set up your single or grouped tickets.

2. Silent & Live Auctions - This is where you set up your silent or live auction items.

3. Raffles & 50/50s - This is where you can edit your raffle or 50/50 details, draw your winner(s) and extract raffle reports.

4. Donation Options - This is where you can set up your donation and custom donation options.

5. Items For Sale - If you have item(s) or sponsorship for sale this is where you can set it up.

6. Live Streaming - This is where you can enable and set up live streaming.

7. Promo Codes - If you want to offer promo codes, this is where you can add them.

8. Custom Fields - If you want to add custom fields/questions to your donors upon checkout, this is where you can set it up.
9. Integrations - This is where you can access your Raizers Edge integration settings. (available for Pro plan users - please speak to us if you are interested)

Fundraiser Settings

1. Fundraiser Goal - Here you may set or change your fundraiser goal and also enter the amount you might have received outside of the platform.

2. Page Design - This is where you can change the following:

  • Fundraiser Name
  • Fundraiser Headline
  • Subtitle/Caption
  • Fundraiser Colours
  • What to set as your homepage
  • Layout of your page

3. Header Design - This is where you can customize the following:

  • Primary and Secondary buttons
  • Change the text of your Primary and Secondary buttons
  • Enable the "Include heart icon on donation button"
  • Enable or disable "Links in Header"
  • Customize the text for your "Links in Header"

4. Check-in Tool Configuration - Where you setup the configuration of your check-in tool.5. Fees - In this setting, you can pass on the fees to your donors or you can cover the fees.

6. Checkout Options - Under this setting, you can enable the below options.

7. Social Sharing - In this setting, you customize what your donors will see as a preview when you share your link through imessage, or social media posts.

8. Thank You Message - You can set up your thank you message to your donors under this setting.

9. Timezone - Where you can set the overall timezone of your fundraiser page.

10. Connected Fundraisers - If you are running multiple fundraiser pages in Trellis, you can connect them under this setting.


1. Tax Receipting - You can include tax receipting on your page under this setting.

2. Banking - This is where you set up your banking details.

3. Organization Info - You can maintain your organization information under this setting. 

4. Fundraiser Results - This is where you can access all your results.

Now that you have a good understanding of the sidebar settings, where you can set up your fundraiser drivers and fundraiser settings, it's time for you to explore your Account Dashboard. Click the "Next" button below to proceed.


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Did this answer your question? If not, please feel free to contact us using that teal chat bubble on the lower right corner of your Trellis account dashboard.