Raffle Tickets Not Delivered

End users will not always receive their tickets immediately - or at all.

Our system is sending a system generated email with a PDF attachment to hundreds of users at a time. This is how it works, but will inevitably cause some flags for email service providers.


If a customer is reporting that they didn't receive their tickets, it is likely one of a few things:


  • It's in their spam folder. Please have them check there.

  • It's been blocked by their email provider. We'll need to re-send it.

  • They may have a typo in their email address. If they're seeing a charge on their card, they are in the draw. We can resend their tickets easily.

  • OR... They didn't actually buy a ticket. We can check to see if they're in the draw and should do so before they try and re-buy so they don't end up with multiple tickets.


The important thing to note is that if you bought a ticket you are in the draw.
We can provide a copy of your ticket and are happy to do so.

The licensee can check by running a current ticket report and can also request we look into and re-send tickets.