How to enable donate your bid

We're excited to announce a new silent auction feature that can significantly benefit your cause. Donate Your Bid allows bidders to convert their bids into donations if they don't win an item. That means your organization can raise more without extra effort!

With this feature, bidders can show their support for your cause even if they don't win an auction item. It’s an excellent way to increase donations and help your organization make an impact. 

How to get started:

1. From your auction settings on your fundraiser, make sure Donate Your Bid is enabled.

2. When someone bids on a silent auction item, they will be asked if they want to donate their bid amount if they don’t win.

3. If the bidder is placing an auto-bid, they will be asked if they’d like to donate their highest placed bid if they don’t win.

4. If they choose to donate:

  • At the end of the auction, if they aren’t the winning bidder, their bid amount will be converted to a donation and automatically processed. 
  • If they increase their bid amount, they’ll be asked if they want to increase their donation to this new bid amount. Only one bid per auction item can be donated.
  • They can see any of the bids they’ve pledged to donate from the bidding history table. Only they can see that they have donated their bid.
5. They can cancel their donation at any time until the auction closes.
  • We’ll give them the opportunity to donate during their next bid, in case they change their mind!

With the Donate Your Bid feature, your organization can now raise more funds without extra effort. So don't wait any longer, contact to enable the feature and start increasing your donations today! 

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