Setting up tax receiptable donations on top of raffles

Raffles aren't tax deductible but donations can be!

If you're holding a raffle and offering the donation upsell, make sure you enable the tax receipting on your fundraiser page.

1. Go to your sidebar settings > under Admin select Tax Receipting


2. If you have an existing TR under the template you may choose that or Create New.

3. Make sure you have all the mandatory information added and hit Save

Your tax receipt grabs all information under your organization's info/profile. Make sure all the details of your organization and the minimum tax receiptable amount is filled out.


WARNING: The tax receipt will grab the fundraiser name of your page so it is important that your title doesn't include "raffle", "lotto", or "50/50" to avoid red flags from CRA. See below where to change your fundraiser name.

Main Menu > Page Design > Fundraiser Name


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