How to use the Giving Links in the Check-In Tool to quickly sign guests into their accounts

Check out the video below or read through the article on how to use the check-in tool feature!

You may also click here to download this printable checkin-tool guide!


Follow this guide to avoid issues when you use the Check-In Tool at your in-person events to send sign-in links to your attendees.

  1. From the Check-In tool, select an attendee. Confirm that the attendee’s email and phone number are correct. 
  2. At the bottom, you will see the button “Send Giving Link”. This sends the attendee a link that directly logs them into their Trellis account, so that they don’t have to remember their password to sign in.
  3. Choose if the attendee would like to receive the link by either email or SMS (text), or both. We recommend sending the link to both. 
  4. Click “Send Link”. The link is now sent.
    1. Note: Do not send a link more than once, unless the attendee says they did not receive their first link. Every time a new link is sent, it deactivates the previously sent link. This is for security purposes. 

Help - the attendee did not receive their link

If an attendee did not receive their sign-in link:

  1. Confirm that their contact information is correct
  2. Ask them to check their spam folder in their email
  3. Resend the link using a different method (SMS tends to work best)

If they are still unable to receive their link, it is possible that their email or cell phone providers are blocking messages. If this happens, please ask the attendee to use their log-in details to enter their donor account.

Help - the attendee says their link is invalid

Every time a new link is sent, it deactivates the previous links for security purposes. If an attendee says their link is invalid, it is because they received more than one link from a single sending method (email or SMS).

If an attendee says their link is invalid, they need to select the most recent link that they have received. For SMS, this is typically the message at the top of their list. 

For email, this is usually the email at the bottom of a thread.


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