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How to reconcile your payouts with your checkout report

In this article, we will explain how to match your payouts with your checkout report for reconciliation.

So you received some payouts and want to reconcile all the transactions that are included in that payout.

Let's take a look at the example below, let's match and look at the report for the April 3, 2023 payout.

1. Extract your checkout report

2. Open the Excel file and refer to the Sales Breakdown Sheet

3. Scroll to the right to column AA - payout date and filter the date before the payout date. (the report will show when Trellis triggered the payout and it's usually the day before you received the deposit). In this case, it will be April 2, 2023.

4. Now scroll back to the left column N -  Net Total and highlight the whole column and verify the sum if it matches your deposit. See below for reference

5. Do the same for other columns to know the other totals.

  • Column J - Gross Amount
  • Column K - Payment Processing Fees or Stripe fees
  • Column L - Trellis Fees
  • Column M - Total Fee
  • Column O - Refunds
  • Column R - Fee Paid by Donor
  • Column S - Fee Paid by Org

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Pro Tips:
1. If you are running multiple fundraising pages make sure you export all the checkout reports and merge all the sales breakdown sheets into one to ensure that you capture all transactions for a specific payout

2. If your deposits do not match your net, make sure you double check if you have entered cash payments. These payments did not go through Trellis so it is your responsibility to deposit them and make sure the amount will match your checkout report.

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