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How to View and Manage Donor Information and Transactions

In this article, we will guide you on how to utilize your Trellis results feature.

As the organization manager or contributor, you have the ability to view and utilize the results features of your Trellis account, allowing you to efficiently export, manage, and oversee your donor and fundraiser information.

Here are the actions you can do
1. View and monitor your sales using an overview

2. View all transactions per fundraiser

3. View, manage, and edit your donor's transaction information

  • View transaction
  • Manage transactions like downloading their checkout attachments, refunding, or resending their checkout attachments.
  • Edit donor information

Pro Tip:
Here's the article on how to fully or partially refund your donor


4. View and manage your auction bids and participants

5. Exporting your fundraiser reports

6. View and manage your generated tax receipts

7. View your waitlists

8. View your marketing Insights

9. View and manage your affiliate links

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