Updates to the Trellis Event Ticketing Feature

Exciting news! Trellis has rolled out a new and improved ticketing system, designed to enhance your fundraising experience.

With upgraded features like streamlined inventory management, increased visibility for Custom Fields, and improved tracking of ticket sales, managing your events just got a whole lot easier. We've also made enhancements to Promo Codes and refined the reporting process for refunds.


To ensure you benefit from these improvements, our team will seamlessly transition your fundraiser to the new ticketing system. Rest assured, all your settings will stay the same, and we'll be closely monitoring your fundraising page to guarantee a smooth transition.


Watch this video to see the exciting changes in action!


For guidance on editing your event tickets, click here.

To discover how to access your fundraiser results and overview, click here.


Should you encounter any disruptions or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Trellis Support team through the blue chat icon or by emailing support@trellis.org.