How to draw your raffle winner(s)

Steps to complete your raffle and draw a winner

Yay! it's time to draw the winner for your raffle. Please note you will have to manually draw the winner to follow provincial gaming rules. We also recommend checking with your provincial body to understand if any specific stakeholders are required to be present when conducting the draw.


1. On your builder go to the gear icon on the left-hand side of your screen

2. Select Raffles & 5050s

3. Click Run Draw

4. Select the draw you want to run from the dropdown list (the text above it is the license that draw is under)

6. Click Reconcile Draw

7. Click Download Contenders List to export a copy of the contender’s list for verification after.

8. Click Approve and Begin Drawing


9. It now shows your winner, once you agree with the result approve this winner by 

typing the draw number in the Draw Number of winning ticket field 

(Please note this is case sensitive)

10. Hit Verify Winner and the below notification should appear.

Once you have successfully verified the winner your live website page will automatically post the name of the winner. Repeat the steps for all your draws.

The platform does not automatically contact your winner and per raffle regulation, It’s the organization's responsibility to contact the winner and arrange how the prizes will be claimed.

To retrieve the winner's contact details - please refer to this article Exporting Raffle Results & Reports

And there you go! Congratulations to you and your winners! Below are other articles you might find helpful.

Our team will be automatically notified once you've drawn your last winner and you don't have to worry about your expense report because we will have that prepared and sent to you within the next 5 business days!

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